Can’t stand the rain in July.

Jason DeMarte combines idealist utopian landscapes with commercially produced and processed products such as Cheetos or Donuts. The tasty snacks, juxtaposed with the fruits of the natural world, spark an intriguing dialog between what’s man-made and what runs wild.

Still, I call it magic. You’re such a precious jewel.

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She said, “I don’t want a model, I don’t want a movie star. You don’t have to win the lotto, I want you to win my heart.”

This Too Shall Pass (2012) by Tomorrow Machine

Independent packaging project for perishable goods:

Is it reasonable that it takes several years for a milk carton to decompose naturally, when the milk goes sour after a week? This Too Shall Pass is a series of food packaging were the packaging has the same short life-span as the foods they contain. The package and its content is working in symbiosis.

Oil package

A package made of caramelized sugar, coated with wax. To open it you crack it like an egg. When the material is cracked the wax do no longer protect the sugar and the package melts when it comes in contact with water. This package is made for oil-based food.

Smoothie package

Gel of the agar agar seaweed and water are the only components used to make this package. To open it you pick the top. The package will wither at the same speed as its content. It is made for drinks that have a short life span and needs to be refrigerated, fresh juice, smoothies and cream for example.

Rice Package

Package made of biodegradable beeswax. To open it you peel it like a fruit. The package is designed to contain dry goods, for example grains and rice.

Anybody who’s ever loved, ya know just what I feel. Too hard to fake it, nothing can replace it.

By Daniel Lau Design. “Designed with the goal of merging sculptural flair into a commercial product, Kai is a stackable, metal, wireframe chair designed and manufactured in Britain. Aimed at the domestic and contract markets, the chair can be powder coated in a wide range of colours to increase both adaptability and durability.”

I just wanna love you when the goings tough. I just wanna hold you when your not enough. I just wanna give you everything I got.

Shirokane House MDS, the site for this residence is surrounded on four sides by other buildings. Working within those conditions, the architects maximized the amount of natural light brought into the building from above and designed the interior so that light reaches all the way to the lower levels.

Let me tell you one more time, I don’t mind, I know what you are feelin’.

MAGH set, a project for ABSYNTH made by Radek Nowakowski.

So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me. ’Cause you might look around and find your dreams come true, with me.

The Third Day Henrik Spohler

"This project spotlights man’s cultivation of nature. It features gigantic outdoor monocultures in the United States„ or under glass and plastic in the Netherlands and Spain. Interior views of research institutes provide insights into those places where new varieties are constantly being grown and tested. Places where man assumes the role of  Creator when he uses genetic engineering to give plants features that are even more profitable."

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try.

Flowin’ it to my pray, I’m flirtin’ within the sky. Come and check my fame, I’m addicted to you, cause your love can take me high.